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Hi, everyone!! Met online; her name is Shelly, she lived in Pleasant Hill, CA, about 30-45 min. from

 SF? Gorgeous brunette, tall. I live in San Diego. We met at Escortsisland.com in April of 2015, there was 4 month of crazy online-chatting with virtual sex. She loves it!! And me too) Than we met in San Diego, she agreed to move down here. We were together for about 6 months here in SD when I called her mom and asked for her grandmother’s ring, and then used it to propose at Disneyland, at the Snow White’s Wishing Well. We got married on Feb. 22, 2016 🙂 I’d consider it was something I NEVER would have thought would happen, because my online experiences from before (through Yahoo! Personals and Matchmaker.com) had resulted in girls who were leeches or were certifiably crazy without their meds. One was even proud of the fact that she’d spent time in a mental institution…So I was definitely worried about getting a winner. And I’ll admit, I’m not a stunning looker – I sorta resemble Clint Howard with a beard (look up Clint Howard in The Waterboy, you’ll see what I mean), so I know that I was kinda getting the leftovers, with the exception of my wife. I *KNOW* I married up! I mean, what woman thinks Dutch Ovens are funny and attempts to give a guy one?! My wife thinks it’s hilarious. Also, my wife loves going to Comic-Con, another surefire winning case of why I should have married her. 🙂 Benjamen S.

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