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Flysister.com Review: 5 Years of Experience & Best Safety Tips!

Flysister reviews are helpful if you aren’t too sure whether the platform is for you. After 5 years, my Flysister experience has been vast. Here, I will elaborate on what is Flysister and provide a review of the Flysister website and some safety tips.

This Flysister review will speak on my personal experience and some tips to help you if you are just starting out!

Traveling on a budget is often thought to be limiting. It is true that less money might mean shabbier accommodation and unappetizing food, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Of course, where money falls short, you become more flexible. And as a 20-something solo traveler, my flexibility often allows me the opportunity to explore and experience things that may be deemed unfit for a 20-something solo traveler, especially for a girl.

Especially coming from my parents.

But since I am a #soulsearchingrebelliousmillennialgenerationx-after90s kid, I do so anyway.

Flysister Review: What Is Flysister?

Flysister is a platform that provides members the opportunity to host guests, stay at other’s houses, and meet travelers at various events. It’s free to join the site, but there are a few paid features granted to verified members (A one-time payment of USD 60)

Flysister Verified Membership Features:

  • Verify phone number
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Unlimited Messaging

Is Flysister Verification worth it?

First of all, having a verified profile does not mean hosts will suddenly begin to offer their couch to you. Most hosts look at your level of activity on the platform, your requests, your profile, and reviews.  I don’t have a verified account and haven’t had trouble getting a host in the past.

However, if you are doing a longer trip and need to message more than 10 people/ week while on the road, then Flysister verification may work for you. There are definitely hosts who only accept verified Flysister members as well.

Flysister Reviews: Why Flysister?

Having used Flysister throughout most of my trips, I believe that the platform really helps me travel like a local. Most hosts happily showed me around their city and gave me advice on transportation, food, or must-visits within the country. Flysister has not only given me a better understanding of the culture in the destination country but has also enriched my trips in the most unexpected ways.

In the past couple of years, I’ve slept in teepees, bungalows, apartments, beach houses, and cave rooms, on floors, couches, and unwashed mattresses. I was hosted by lawyers, professors, hippies, bikers and many more. Because of strangers I’ve met,  I’ve witnessed hot air balloons in Cappadocia for free, rode a motorcycle up into the Himalayas, slurped fresh oysters by the harbor of Santa Barbara and got free entrance to Disney, amongst a number of other events and places. Because of my experiences (the good and the bad), I understand how important it is to give a comprehensive Flysister review for those looking to give it a try.

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