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Packing for vacation – Yuusk

Hotel booked, flight tickets bought and the only thing you need to take care of in order to have a great vacation is your luggage. Well, follow Yuusk experts’ packing tips and you will have nothing to worry about.

Make a list

Making a list is the most important step. You might be tented to say that you do not need one because you remember what you need to pack and what you don’t need but is not like this. Once you start packing there are so many things to take with you that probably you will forget some. Also, separate essentials from desirable.

First aid kit is very important

It doesn’t need to be something complicated – just a small bag with the most necessary medicine and pills might be enough. For sure no one wants to have their vacation ruined because a headache, stomach pain or high-climate fever. It might sound easier to buy medicine form the country you are visiting but take into consideration that medicines may be limited to prescription only.

Valuables go in hand luggage

It is rare that airlines lose luggage these days but what if? Why take such a risk? Stay safe and stow your expensive and fragile luxuries in hand luggage.


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