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Hair loss – how to prevent and treat

If you will try to search online “treatments for hair loss” you will find a long list with creams, tonics and supplements. Unfortunately, you will discover soon that most of natural hair loss treatments are bunk. Even with all these treatment your brush hair will continue to have more hair …

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Get rid of cellulite now!

Nowadays, cellulite affects more than 85% of women. Most common, cellulite is found on the thighs, but can also be present on the buttocks, legs and stomach. Cellulite has a distinct appearance, it looks like the dimpled surface of a cottage cheese or an orange peel. The top causes of …

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A clean diet for a healthy lifestyle

  Hello, dear friends! Le’t find out yout you have to do in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Here are some advice about how your diet should be. If you want a clean diet and a healthy lifestyle you have to follow these simple steps: Try to stay away …

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