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Yuusk promotes expensive destinations

Planning your holiday budget? Here’s an advice from Yuusk: Add a few zeroes. Now you are ready for the world’s most overpriced travel destinations. Let’s talk about some places with tremendous appeal and intimidating price tags.

Yuusk  helps you to find out which are the most overpriced destinations. Why? Because this website promotes only exclusive travel.

  1. Oslo

Oslo’s wealth is fuelled by oil money. According to the Prices and Earnings report, Norway’s capital is the most expensive city in the world. If you will visit Oslo expect to pay prices that are about 20 per cent higher than you’d find elsewhere in Western Europe. Keep in mind that this is a city where services and goods are nearly 70 per cent higher than the world average. Yuusk  says “YES” to Oslo, because it totally deserve it.

  1. Zurich

Zurich offers the perfect combination: gorgeous surroundings, mountain air and walkable neighborhoods. For a weekend gateway, it seems that Zurich is actually the most expensive city in the world. The cost of accommodations, including a nice hotel, transportation, dinner with wine and extras, is really high. Just to make an idea, a three-mile taxi ride in Zurich runs about $31.

  1. New York

This city is going to pay chicken with your budget, and be sure that it’s going to win. Tokyo and NYC have the world’s most expensive average costs for both luxury and mid-range hotel stays. For lux digs one has to pay $US730 ($814) per night or $379 per night for mid-range accommodation. Also, NYC is the most expensive city in North America for a weekend gateway that includes, a nice dinner, an in-town transportation and accommodation.

  1. Bora Bora

Isolated, exclusive and favorite for those rich and famous. This South Pacific island ha remarkable tropical beauty. Of course, its beautifulness comes at a very steep price. For one of Bora Bora’s famed overwater bungalows, the average nighty rate is around $1000.

Try these four destinations and you will definitely have an amazing vacation. But first of make sure your have plenty of money.



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